A research conducted on therapeutics communities for drug-addicted women with children. “Mothers” project comes from the consciousness of the drugs use proliferation in the world. The focus is on the recovery and the development of all the motherhood aspects and on the recunstruction of the family. The main substances abused are cocaine, heroin and alcohol; usually, most of women are single (never married or divorced), with no jobs and jail experience. The therapeutic programm has two main purposes: rehab from the drugs addiction and a support on rebuilding the mother-child relationship. Children are hosted in the community offering the chance to work on both side with more effect. This is based on the conviction that mothers with a proper support could be able to take their maternity role. The purpose of this project is to show families life inside the community, their troubles and achievements, daily life, the slow life recunstruction attempt. This work is a final report of a research made in a community called "La Rupe Sasso Marconi" (Bo), during October-November 2008. A special thanks to the community guests and to the community education team.